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Italy Threatens to Veto EU Budget – No More Refugees

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Mario Renzi

The Italian Prime Minister is calling for immediate help with the refugees. The EU refugee crisis is becoming a huge nightmare and Brussels refuses to simply admit it has made a bad decision. Italy is overwhelmed by the influx of refugees and is now calling for a fresh review. Italy cannot cope with a similar number of incoming refugees this year. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said he would resign if the upcoming Constitutional Amendment is rejected on December 4. He realizes the vastly unpopular influx of refugees must be stopped or he may have to resign. The Italian coastguard rescued more than 6,000 people from the sea, and this year alone about 155,000 refugees have arrived by sea in Italy. They are pouring in from Libya where operating traffickers send refugees to make large sums to get them to Italy.

Renzi has now threatened that if other EU member states refuse to accept refugees he will veto the EU budget. Renzi pointed out that Italy pays the EU 20 billion euros and gets back only 12 billion. He has come out and stated that this system “does not work.”