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Is Europe Sleepwalking into its Demise?

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When the Allies crossed the border to invade Germany as WWII came to an end, the German population hung white sheets from the windows to signify their surrender. Just a few years before, the German people were told to celebrate the prospect of dominating Europe as retribution for the punishment they endured because of the war waged by the leaders before. The Prince of Savoy, who inspired the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, warned that war was inevitable because kings held standing armies, and they wanted to use them to get their money’s worth.

Today, the people of Europe were told that the euro would cure all things, even gout, and would lead to Europe surpassing the United States economically. They said the euro would kill the dollar once and for all. How dare this upstart country think it could surpass the majesty of Europe with centuries of history to support it.

Yet today, there is growing bewilderment within Europe. Even Germany has slipped into a disoriented state, with its leaders sleepwalking into a dark fate for Europe. World leaders seem to have forgotten everything from history class, or perhaps they cut that one to smoke a joint outside on campus. They have turned the economic success of generations to rebuild Europe into a declining trend pockmarked with rising authoritarianism. These leaders lack any sense of future other than the raw power they seem to cling to.

Climate Change CO2 Global Warming

Even the Germans settled into a comfortable life, climbing to the top of the economic status within the EU and rising from the ashes with hard work. They were told to believe in their own accomplishments and their superiority within Europe and that their economic system was working perfectly. Sadly, the people were induced with success into a trend of self-deception. Leaders preached changing everything to a new Green world with intoxicating visions of saving the planet as a noble deed. The future would be one of zero emissions and tempered population control.

Schwab Breaking Bonds of Civilization R

The people are starting to awaken while their leaders are still sleepwalking into their own destruction. Klaus Schwab believes this is the Fourth Industrial Revolution of AI and technology. His 8 points for 2030 are all really about the end of the Financial Age of endless borrowing with no intention of paying it back. It takes curiosity for innovation, not dehumanizing authoritarianism. The very cornerstone of civilization is we come together because it is mutually beneficial to all. Once we enter the world of Marxist Socialism, those in power have used it to divide us into classes and proclaim they are saints. The powerful are always concerned about only our welfare, which justifies their exercise of brute force. The very purpose of civilization has ceased to exist, warning that cyclically, we must crash and burn until we remember once again what makes a civilization great.

Caesar Assassination

It is true that Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon on January 10, 49 BC (49.02) to purge the corruption in the Republic, but corruption resurfaced. Because he forgave his enemies, they conspired and assassinated him on the Ides of March 44 BC (44.20), just 4.82 years later (250.6 weeks, 62 months). That resulted in another civil war and then the defeat of Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. Octavian became emperor officially with the title Augustus on January 16, 27 BC (27.04). The Julian Claudian dynasty ended with the death of Nero on June 9, 68 AD (68.43), lasting 95.47 years. Thus, there is never a permanent new era. There are cycles to everything, and forming the EU was also not something that would endure for 1,000 years and more than the Julio-Claudian Dynasty of Rome.

WEF Schwab You Will Own Nothing

QE MMTSo while fools really think this New World Order will unfold and the dreams of Schwab will be realized, this idea of perpetual borrowing and kicking the can down the road has already come to an end. This is what Schwab is really saying – you will own nothing and be happy. That is foretelling the end of debt-supported government. They are moving on to the Modern Monetary Theory — print what you need when you need it. However, the sudden rise in inflation currently has caused some to question even this new MMT theory.

Russian Tank 1

So as the West thinks it can wage conventional war and defeat Russia to bring it under the new authoritarian control of the United Nations, they are well aware that Ukraine is the MOST corrupt government in the world. Already, weapons handed to them are being stolen and sold on the black market, as took place in Afghanistan. Instead of people cruising around for five-week holidays, the price of gas is at $10 a gallon in Europe. With the increasing threat of war, the future is anything from comfortable. Europe is awakening to realize that guns and soldiers are once again back in demand. The vast industrial production of Germany that sold its products to consumers is staring at its demise, battling with two foes — climate change and war. Germany can no longer rely upon the industriousness of its people as its leaders try to paint a fairytale version of the future.

Euro Conference R

We warned at the Europe Conference that those who believed that this New World Order would actually unfold were fools. The consolidation of the world under the authority of the United Nations will never succeed. Unfortunately, a lot of people will die trying to bring this dream to fruition as they did the last time Marxism was attempted.