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Europe’s COVID Lost Decade

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Europe faces a Covid Lost Decade economically inspired by Kalus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. As purely academics who never walk among the great unwashed, their view of the peons below is one of just looking upon the masses as a herd of sheep. They have no comprehension of the social and cultural upheaval they have unleashed upon the world. They have inspired the growing inequality since those who provide the physical labor cannot work remotely. The claim that they want to create a Marxist world with inequality eradicated is folly. All they are actually doing is accelerating the inequality, and they are clueless about how to help people find new employment in their “Green” new world order.

Invisible Hand

Those in power are deepening economic deprivation and one must ask, “Are they really this stupid? Or perhaps they are just diabolical and this is part of their idea of depopulating the world?” They have never understood Adam Smith and the invisible hand that states to create an economy it comes from the people — not above. Marx tried that and millions starved because bureaucrats knew nothing about farming — what to plant, how, or when. Fascists at least allowed the ownership of industry to be retained by the people. They simply overruled policies and regulated. Hence, Fascists did not wipe out millions of their own people because of incompetent bureaucrats, as was the case with communism.

Major changes to the way society functions have unfolded in the wake of this convenient pandemic and the deliberate destruction of the economy to end tourism and travel to reduce CO2. This is such a drastic departure in economic theory, and they fail to grasp that they are following the path of Marx, which will not end well for human society. They are incapable of understanding how the economy works. Instead, they are trying to make it conform to their vision by sheer force.