EU Openly Wants to Overthrow the Greek Government

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The Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten is reporting that the head of the EU and Merkel are now openly calling for the overthrow of the Greek government. It is their way or no way. To defend a failed euro, they will not tolerate any democratic process that disagrees with their vision of a federalized Europe. This is World War III, just in economic domination coming from Brussels.

The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, has stated that holding new elections in Greece is now mandatory when the people vote for the reform program of the creditors. He insists that any relief for the Greeks, which is blackmail by keeping their banks closed, will be bridged with a technical transitional government until elections are held that approve only their candidates. This will be a requirement of further negotiations. “If this transitional government is a reasonable agreement with the donors, then Syriza time was over. Then Greece has another chance.” said Schulz. This is outright dictatorship for not a single member of the Troika was elected by the people, including the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.


Since our 1985 conference, we have been warning that a Crisis is Democracy would emerge by 2015.75. This is how all societies collapse. Unfortunately, well – it is here.