EU Fears the British Referendum Will Be a Contagion

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Tusk Donald

European Council President Donald Tusk has warned that the EU is in danger of a total collapse. He has come out to say that David Cameron’s referendum in Britain will be copied by other member tactics for their own “egotistic goals.” He has said this will unleash the unthinkable: democratic rights for Europeans to disagree with the elite in Brussels. He called this a populist political movement that will bring the EU bloc to the brink of “suicide.”

Donald Tusk said that he is clearing his calendar next week to concentrate on the “very fragile” talks with Britain to create some “new settlement” at the EU summit next week to keep Britain in the EU and to allow Cameron to declare some victory so he can call off the referendum. That is the agenda in Brussels.

Tusk is looking to keep his own job and fails to understand that there is no plan in Brussels to fix anything. They are simply trying to maintain their power by denying democratic processes. There is no acknowledgement that the problem lies with the entire structure of the euro that is undermining the banking system.

Until Brussels is willing to say, “Oops! Sorry about that! We really screwed everything up!” there is not a prayer in hell that the euro or Europe can be saved. The euro will make its rally and destroy the economy, fueling more deflation. The ECB will turn the screws and keep the NEGATIVE interest rates, and in the end, it will have to fail anyway.