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Connectivity is Everything

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I have been stating all along that attempting to forecast gold in isolation is the equivalent of summoning a witch doctor for cancer. Everything in this world is connected. Civilization unfolds as a synergy of people coming together and the sum is greater than the individual parts. This too, is what government is tearing apart with laws like FATCA that demand everyone report on everyone else, as if this were East Germany in the days of the Stasi.

At CERN, they discovered the pentaquark, which is by no means just any new particle. The Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann first predicted the possibility of a pentaquark  back in the mid-60s. This is the connection of five penta bound together to produce something that is greater than the sum of the parts.


The pattern of absolutely everything displays the same type of behavior, from the tiny level of quarks to the pattern of how markets rise and fall. What is most fascinating are the different patterns between connected entities that produce DEEP markets so to speak, and much more volatile markets due to the lack of connectivity we express as LIQUIDITY.

The greatest crisis we face is the destruction of liquidity that government is causing by their hunt for loose change. Their desperate need for money is tearing the world economy apart at the seams. Even in Europe, the attempt to force a political union upon people by denying them the right to vote is ripping apart the cooperative connections established following World War II with the Treaty of Rome. The forced monetary and political union in Brussels undermines what they were trying to create – European Peace.


Connectivity = power.

As Julius Caesar said, “Divide and conquer.”