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Comment on Voting in BREXIT

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Dear Martin,

When I first started voting in the UK at 18, I used to take my balllot card and driving license with me for ID purposes.

But to my surprise, nobody ever asked me for ID. Not even the ballot card. Then I started asking them, “Don’t you want to see my ID? I could be anyone. What if this bloke comes in later, and I’ve voted instead of him?”.

I’ve even put it down in front of them, and they ignore it completely. They just laugh and smile, as if I’m an idiot for suggesting it, and say, “It’s not needed”.

Nobody’s ever checked my ID in 29 years of voting. So they’re not going to start doing it now…



REPLY: So much for EU members not voting to keep Britain in. Voter fraud should be expected as it is just more of the same.