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BREXIT Vote Today

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Today is the BREXIT vote. It is interesting that Americans are at least starting to focus on it. What is at stake is the fate of Europe. The new EU government structure was deliberately designed to prevent any possible vote of the people from altering the plans of the elite. The calls for Britain to surrender its sovereignty are outrageous. This would be no different from saying the United Nations will, from here on out, make all the laws and decisions for the United States.

British GDP Growth since 1949

Britain will lose its identity. The elites of Europe support the immigration to merge all the races into one single, homogeneous body of people to end wars. This idea is seriously flawed for interbreeding all the races that have different religions and languages will never create the ultimate homogeneous society, which was opposite of Hitler’s master race. It seems these elitists just want to play God.

Britain is being asked to sacrifice itself to save the goals of the elitists who are behind the EU. They will receive nothing but serfdom in return. So a BREXIT vote to leave will be the kiss of death for the EU. Nonetheless, it will save Britain from the abyss. The propaganda that says Britain has benefited from the EU membership with trade is an outright lie. The annual economic growth using the government’s own data shows the British economy peaked and began its decline ever since it joined the EU in 1973.

Despite the truth, the odds are stacked against Britain. It would take an overwhelming vote by the people today to vote to leave (probably 60%+ to actually win). The government led by Cameron, including the Labour Party, is staying so they get their cushy jobs from Brussels upon retirement. They are intent upon betraying the British people to further the elitist agenda to save Brussels. Since so much is at stake, anything shy of 60% to leave will most likely be subject to outright fraud to ensure the British people remain subservient to Brussels.