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Assassination & the Conspiracy Theory to Prevent BREXIT Vote

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Jo Cox

Anna_Lindh_2002Kennedy 50cent half dollarThere is disturbing opinion circulating that Jo Cox may have been assassinated to prevent a BREXIT vote. Many are starting to believe there is a conspiracy plot to ensure a sympathy vote to remain within the EU. People are pointing to the familiar tool of assassination often used to achieve political agendas.

Of course, there is the Kennedy assassination that many believe was orchestrated to create a sympathy vote to start the Vietnam War. In fact, Kennedy vetoed such a measure, but that is not on point. A recent assassination that was on point, occurred on September 10, 2003. Anna Lindh (1957–2003), was a Swedish Social Democratic politician and member of Parliament from 1982 to 1985 and 1998 to 2003. Anna was elevated to minister for foreign affairs by Prime Minister Göran Persson in 1998. She was widely considered to be his successor as party chairman and there was much hope that she would become prime minister.

Lindh was a supporter of adopting the euro and became the face of joining the new EU. On the afternoon of September 10, 2003, Lindh was attacked in Stockholm with a knife while shopping in the ladies’ section of the Nordiska Kompaniet department store. Lindh was to appear on a televised debate later that night on the referendum about Sweden’s adoption of the euro. At the time of the attack, Lindh was not protected by bodyguards from the Swedish Security Service. She died from her wounds.


Then there is the unsolved assassination of Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. Palme was accused of being anti-EU and more pro-Soviet. His assassination did clear the way for Sweden to join the EU, which was presented in the Swedish European Union membership referendum of 1994 that gained only a 52% majority.

While Silvio Berlusconi was not assassinated, the EU did stage a coup against him because he wanted to take Italy out of the euro. Then there was the Greek Prime Minister Georgios Andreas Papandreou who wanted the Greek people to vote on any bailout to stay in the euro. He was told by Brussels there would be no referendum.

The recent Austrian election was rigged, as mailed-in ballots decided the closest race in history. As the days have passed, the results of the Austrian presidential election have become far more suspicious. The official results claimed that far-left candidate Alexander Van der Bellen defeated Norbert Hofer from the Freedom Party of Austria by just 31,000 votes (50.35% to 49.65%). Again, the fate of the EU hung in the balance. In major polls, the provisional result in voting released in the last days before the election showed Hofer with the clear majority of public support over his rival after coming in at 53% to 47%.

The Scottish youth called their referendum to leave the UK a “REVOLUTION” and felt very betrayed by what they called the “over-65 crowd” who just want their pension checks from London. It is clear that when people are voting with paper ballots, the vote can easily be rigged. There were countless photos of how they committed outright fraud to ensure there would be no “yes” vote.


Reading between the lines, David Cameron basically said that the younger generation lost and their fate is now settled “for a generation.” This degree of arrogance is not going to be helpful. Governments will not reform and that brings us only to the point of rising civil unrest that will rip the systems apart. No one in charge will address the long-term. They are only concerned about one vote at a time.

So is there a conspiracy? Perhaps. They would never investigate themselves, so all of this has been suspicion. What is clear is that the EU will collapse if BREXIT is allowed. There is far too much at stake to allow this vote to be real. The burning question will be how will they cover it up and at what cost?