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EU May Drop Visa Requirement for Ukraine

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The ongoing dramatic events in Ukraine have demonstrated, once again, the high commitment of Maidan protesters and the citizens of Ukraine to become more closely integrated with the European Union. Ukraine now faces immense challenges in terms of democratic transition. Territorial integrity and constitutional stability are major issues on the table in Ukraine.

While USA is asking the EU to extend its sanctions on Russia, at the same time there are high-level considerations going on to drop the visa requirements for the Ukrainian people. This obviously should be done for there are Eastern Ukrainians who are caught up in the asylum camps loaded with Muslims right now. Those who lived in the Eat have lost everything and they cannot sell their property and simply move. Whatever savings they once had are gone and their property values went to zero.

The West abuses Ukraine as a tool against Russia. The West should, in turn, respect the people of Ukraine who are caught in the middle of this political war.