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Wuhan Lab Scientists Conducting Bat Experiments in America

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Biological Weapons

A group of scientists associated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is reportedly using taxpayer funds to import bats and conduct Ebola experiments in the United States. The project, led by Colorado State University (CSU) virologist Greg Ebel, has raised concerns among lawmakers due to its association with the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA), which previously provided funding to the WIV for bat-based coronavirus research.

Americans will pay the bill for this reckless research center in Colorado to the tune of $6.7 million. Why? Ebola is certainly not an issue in America and we have the capacity to treat the virus. The use of taxpayer money for these experiments has drawn attention in light of previous controversies surrounding the funding of bat coronavirus research. This development has reignited discussions about the potential risks and ethical considerations associated with such research initiatives.

Biden Closes WUHAN

The plan to ship countless bats from around the world to the US and infect them with an array of contagious diseases. The GOP is demanding that the NIH end all federal funding to EcoHealth. Scientist Greg Ebel insists the lab is not intended for malicious purposes. “This isn’t a bat COVID lab. It’s not a bioweapons lab. We’re not working with Ebola or Nipah virus or any of these things. I’m not interested in losing my job or going to jail or interested in doing research that’s going to carry home pathogens to my wife or my child. Those kinds of things are beyond ridiculous,” he told reporters.

Wuhan Gain of Function

So we just experienced a pandemic caused by an “accidental lab leak” from China, and now they want to open a lab here with US tax dollars. This is an absolute attack on America from within. Take these experiments to an isolated corner of the world and use Big Pharma dollars to fund the studies as they are the ones who will profit.