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Why is WHO Demanding Sweden Lockdown? Because They Show The Lockdown Makes no Difference?

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It is very interesting that the death rate in Sweden is by no means excessive compared to any other Western country that has locked its citizens down. The only restrictions were on gatherings of 50 or more people, and advice such as over-70s being urged to stay at home. Swedish schools, shops, restaurants, and pubs all remained open.  Nevertheless, The World Health Organization (WHO), has been insisting that Sweden lock its people down. The corruption behind the WHO and how it is being dominated by Bill Gates is a matter of record. Sweden is demonstrating to the world that the lockdown is absurd and it has NOT prevented anything. Sweden is treating its population with respect, unlike the rest of the Western powers.

The problem is very clear. Sweden is proving that the lockdown insisted by Bill Gates is nonsense and it has deliberately undermined the world economy, destroyed jobs, and is subjecting people to the loss of all privacy and liberty – but to what end? Is this a major socialist move to wipe out small business and then allow only state-run businesses or large corporations who donate to the Socialists for favored status to survive?

Something is just not right!