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WHO & Its Tyranny to Dominate the World

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Let me Clarify this WHO agenda. They were supposed to get the amendments finished by January 27th, 2024, for the May conference, which is supposed to be on the 27th of that month. They admit that they will not meet the January deadline, and in the process, they will most likely pass this in May, violating the very basic principle of law – fair notice, which is embodied in Due Process of Law.

Since they are pushing this agenda that really has nothing to do with world health but world tyranny, it is my understanding that it will NOT require every country to sign. By extending this deadline until May, they will most likely assume that the entire world has surrendered to this authority.

This will be used for tyranny, and the WHO will declare pandemics, and the world is supposed to bend the knee to their awesome tyrannical power. They will criticize countries that do not follow, and they intend to use the United Nations to impose sanctions against countries that do not bend their knee.


This only increases the tensions for world conflict. With COVID-19, they got a taste of power and cannot simply let that go. They not only created the sharp decline in GDP worldwide with their lockdowns and fake news over a lab-grown virus but pushed a gene therapy calling it a vaccine, which never prevented you from getting it nor spreading it.



Powell Rate HikeThe World Economic Forum thought lockdowns were a wonderful idea. They invited everyone to rejoice and to tell them how wonderful it was to lose all liberty. Economically, they broke the supply chain and set in motion inflation that is not going to be subdued because of shortages or raising interest rates.

The UN is pushing to reduce the food supply, attacking farmers, and that risks starvation and the rise in disease. All the great plagues have festered because of malnutrition. Is this what they are deliberately trying to create again?



How quickly we forget the horror of what they did for a manufactured disease that was no more lethal than the annual flu, which also kills people as a respiratory disease.




They then pushed for censorship and stripped people of their fundamental rights to free speech and assembly, all to maintain their tyrannical power over the entire world.


2021 _Does_Bill_Gates_have_too_much_influence_in_the_WHO_SWI_swissinfo.ch_

Anything that Bill Gates touches and the World Economic Forum, I believe, cannot be trusted. Gate’s father was concerned about overpopulation. It makes no sense to me that Gates is concerned about expanding the world population by curing all diseases. This will increase world tension, undermine the world economy, and promote international war. Trump cut the funding for the WHO because he saw the rising tyranny. Biden reversed that, and this is why they are out to stop Trump by any means possible, which I fear will end up as assassination or another manufactured suicide.



This is what we face going into 2032. This thirst for raw, unbridled tyrannical power is coming to a head. With this WHO aligning with our ECM, this will probably become a major issue that tears society apart at the seams, for they will use this like New York State is proposing. They can burst into your home and even take your children away. I wish Gates’ Ex-Wife would wake up and expose the truth.


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