We do Have to Get Beyond the CDC

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COMMENT: Hi Mr Armstrong,


I don’t know if there are advisers around the president that ae keeping you from explaining to him what is at stake so I started a Whitehouse petition to get you to see him. If you want to post it I am sure the many readers will get the numbers needed. If not, only this email to you is who I am going to inform the petition is posted.




Thank you for all you are doing,


REPLY: The CDC does not shut down the entire economy for the flu which is far worse according to the CDC itself. The CDC and John Hopkins have destroyed the economy from which another 2 weeks of this will have wiped out far more jobs as a percent of the workforce than the Great Depression. These people are HIGHLY dangerous. There is such a tiny percent of the deaths in Italy that there were no known prior conditions – less than 1%. You do not shut down the world economy for this type of event. At best, to require people with prior conditions to self-quarantine. The bulk of this group is not employed anyhow.