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Water Contamination – Is America Still a First-World Nation?

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@johnniemac_first4848Breaking: The City of Philadelphia is recommending that residents use bottled water for drinking or cooking after a chemical spill into the Delaware River in Bucks County on Friday night. “Contaminants have not been found in our system at this time,” city officials said, however, testing continues.♬ original sound – Phillyfirst48

America is deteriorating so quickly that it’s hard to consider it a first-world nation due to the lack of clean drinking water. There was a massive chemical spill in Bristol, PA, on Friday. Officials failed to make an announcement until Sunday afternoon. Numerous people have sent me links saying they first learned about the chemical spill through TikTok, not traditional media. Over 1.5 million people call the Philadelphia area home, as it is the sixth-largest city in the US. The city sent out a mass text on Sunday, but the surrounding areas were not informed. At this time, the government is doing absolutely nothing to help.

The Philadelphia Water Department claimed that the tap water was safe to use until midnight on March 27, 2023. They claimed the water was safe for an additional day AFTER their mass text triggered panic buying. No one, absolutely no one, trusts the government, and there has been a massive run on the stores reminiscent of March 2020. The government claims that New Jersey has not been impacted, but they are urging NJ residents to conserve water. Don’t worry; they’re “monitoring the situation.”

@theparanormalfiles WTF just happened in Philadelphia?! #philadelphia #philly #pennsylvania #pa #conspiracy #train #eastpalestine #coverup #chemical #fyp ♬ Conspiracy – Briand, Philippe & Saban, Gabriel

How could a second major chemical spill occur one month after the incident in East Palestine, Ohio? The company responsible for this disaster is Trinseco PLC (TSE). This company contaminated the Baxter Drinking Water Plant after pouring between 8,100 and 12,000 gallons of toxic chemicals into Otter Creek, which flows into the Delaware River. Allegedly, this began when a pipe burst in Bristol, PA. “It hit the roof of a building, went down a gutter, from the gutter it went to a storm drain, from the storm drains it found another outfall basin, from there it started to leak into the river,” Tim Thomas, senior vice president of manufacturing and engineering at Trinseo, told reporters at ABC.

Tim Thomas seems to be controlling the narrative surrounding the disaster. “It’s like the material you find in paint,” said Thomas. “It’s your typical acrylic paint you have in your house, that’s what really this material is, in a water base.” What’s really in the water? Butyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, and methyl methacrylate–all volatile organic compounds that are extremely toxic.

We saw the extensive damage in East Palestine, Ohio, where people were forced to vacate their homes, the environment was destroyed, and countless pets and animals dropped dead. The long-term impact of that spill is unknown. There is no transparency around the situation in PA. The US Coast Guard claimed their resources are stretched thin since they’re still handling the “situation” in Ohio. The Biden Administration has done nothing to address the panic spreading across the northeast. They are not handing out water or visiting the area to quell fears. People are now forced to bathe in toxic water and ration whatever drinking water they can find. Perhaps the government would act if the people claimed Putin had dealings with Trinseo since they only care about the safety of their international allies.