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Warning – Pandemics Are Never What They Seem

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Fauci Young

Fauci, I believe, has been a callous murderer. Perhaps, like Albert Einstein, we should dissect his brain when he is dead to understand how someone can be so evil. There has long been a long-standing view that Fauci did the same thing with AIDS, and the drugs he rushed through killed people and cured nobody. He did the same with swine flu, but at least that vaccine did not kill everyone that took it.

Hamilton W. D. Biologist

There has long been a concern that the AIDS virus did not simply mutate but was transferred by a gain-of-function naturally from monkeys to humans. William Hamilton, the British biologist, became concerned that AIDS emerged from the trials of a polio vaccine in Africa. Hamilton, the evolutionary biologist, was one of the most distinguished scientists in the world. During the 1990s, Hamilton began to investigate the controversial argument that the origin of HIV was in an oral polio vaccine trial conducted by Hilary Koprowski in Africa. The idea that Hamilton was correct, well, nobody wanted to admit that they had used Africans as experimental guinea pigs.

Hamilton had even submitted a letter on the topic for peer-review, but they refused to allow the subject to be discussed in 1996. Besides the Africans that died, the CDC was being funded with vast amounts of money for the first time because of AIDS. Dr. Anthony Fauci had written on AIDS back in 1983. Fauci wrote in 1983: “The disease was first believed to be confined to a particular epidemiologically defined segment of the population, ie, male homosexuals. Earlier hypotheses suggested that there was something within the life-style of male homosexuals that predisposed them to this syndrome.”


The River on AIDSThe idea that somehow this monkey virus reached a gain-of-function miraculously in a natural setting even created images of Africans having sex with monkeys. There was too much at stake to allow an investigation that this was perhaps created by mistake in a lab. Hamilton’s ideas were rejected, and some tried to portray him as a nut or conspiracy theorist. Hamilton even gave supportive declarations on this argument, which was published in the  BBC. Hamilton later wrote the foreword of a 1999 book, “The River,” by journalist Edward Hooper, who investigated this theory. “The River” examined the possible source of HIV, analyzing a number of theories concerning its origins and investigating current scientific inquiries into HIV, AIDS, and the search for a cure. It was Ronald Regan who appointed Fauci as the AIDS czar who seemed to intentionally use homosexual males as personal guinea pigs.

Did Modern Medicine Spread an Epidemic?
After decades, and millions of injections, scientists are asking the chilling question.

Stanford University published this article entitled – “Did Modern Medicin Spread an Epidemic?” in which the Royal Society of London held the first major conference on the origin of AIDS, assembling medical experts, including Hooper. Hooper’s theory came under intense scrutiny. Preston Marx of the AIDS research center in Manhattan and Ernest Drucker, professor at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, announced that they now believe the reuse of contaminated needles not only spread the AIDS virus but triggered the mutation of SIV to HIV in humans.

SV Causes Cancer

Most people have no idea that a monkey virus SV40 was found in the polio vaccine. The discovery of SV40 revealed that between 1955 and 1963 around 90% of children and 60% of adults in the United States had been inoculated with SV40-contaminated polio vaccines. For four decades, government officials have insisted that there is no evidence the Simian Virus (called SV40) was harmful to humans, which of course was a lie. Governmental mistakes of this magnitude are ALWAYS covered up. But in recent years, dozens of scientific studies have found the virus in a steadily increasing number of rare brain, bone, and lung-related tumors — the same malignant cancer SV40 causes in lab animals. Some have even wanted to investigate if this has been the origin of major rare cancer epidemics in the population. Naturally, nobody would ever allow such an investigation — in Government we Trust — all others are rejected!

In April 1955, more than 200,000 American children in five Western and mid-Western states received a polio vaccine in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective. Within days there were reports of paralysis, and within a month, the first mass vaccination program against polio was abandoned. The children were, of course, collateral damage. They whitewashed this and simply called it “The Cutter Incident.” Thereafter, further investigations revealed that the vaccine, manufactured by the California-based family firm of Cutter Laboratories, had caused 40,000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10. This does not give a lot of confidence in mass vaccinations for to be human it also to make errors.

Koprowski HilaryThen there were two scientific experts, Dr. Hilary Koprowski (1916-2013), who was the director of the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, and Dr. Albert Sabin (1906–1993), who was a physician at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The two began a race to replace the Salk vaccine. Dr. Cecil Fox, a pathologist at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases remembers that it was an intense competition. Interestingly, both Sabin and Koprowski’s vaccines were derived from monkey organs. They needed to test them in large, non-immunized population groups, no longer available in North America.

Consequently, Sabin traveled to the U.S.S.R. and vaccinated more than 6 million people in Latvia, Estonia, and Kazakhstan between 1958 and 1959. There were NO AIDS cases that emerged in the U.S.S.R. where Sabin did his testing. However, Koprowski went to the Belgian Congo to conduct his study. This is where one of Africa’s more modern health care infrastructures existed at that time. Between 1956 and 1960, Koprowski injected more than 1 million Africans with his version of a vaccine called CHAT.

AIDS emerged in Africa most likely from this test group. Sabin analyzed Koprowski’s vaccine in 1958 and found it to be ‘unstable and contaminated by an unknown virus.’ He warned Koprowski about his discovery and went then went public with his findings. The YouTube video on that has been removed because OMG, it shows that AIDS may have been a lab mistake? Nevertheless, it was Sabin’s vaccine that saved the world — not Koprowski’s. (see: Sabin Archive)

1918 InfluenzaHospital

1918 Spanish Flu & The Bayer Aspirin Scandal

During the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, bacteriologic and histopathologic results from published autopsy series clearly and consistently implicated secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory­tract bacteria in most influenza fatalities. Strep infections and NOT the flu virus itself may have killed most people during the 1918 influenza pandemic. High aspirin dosing levels used to treat patients during the 1918–1919 pandemic are now known to cause, in some cases, toxicity and a dangerous build-up of fluid in the lungs, which may have contributed to the incidence and severity of symptoms, bacterial infections, and mortality. In other words, the medicine and treatment killed most of the patients. It was the misuse of aspirin that made the flu worse. (Note: Reuters has pulled this story as well to hide the truth possibly)

1918 Red Cross

In 1918, face masks proved as “useless” as they are today. Just as Fauci was telling people to wear two masks, the Red Cross did the same in 1918 with no success. This has simply raised more questions. When Fauci is attacked, he claims you are attacking “science” when he offers nothing but an opinion with no scientific backing. He always just says whatever he wants that is never consistent.

Hamilton returned to London and he mysteriously died. They even held an inquest to determine his death because it was too convenient for those pushing AIDS. It seems any who questions the narrative mysteriously dies. It is always convenient.