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UK v US Healthcare

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COMMENT: Hello Martin
I recently heard in the area that I live that a nurse confirmed that a lot of the doctors in hospitals did not treat patients in the hospital and told the nurses to put it down as Covid! People having heart attacks, strokes are all put down as Covid. In Scotland and probably the UK the NHS is finished. You cannot see a doctor due to Covid, you can’t go to a hospital due to Covid basically you can’t do anything due to that pesky Covid.

I believe that it will come to the American system where you must have insurance in order to be treated. I think that has been one of their plans for a very long time. Privatisation by the back door.
all the best
m (Scotland)

REPLY: I can say this, my dog got sick so I took her to Blue Pearl veterinarian hospital. I was not allowed inside. They came out and took my dog. I said I wanted to be able to talk to the doctor. They said I will. I had to sit in the car. The doctor called me on the cell phone. They texted me the bill that I had to pay from my cell phone before they would bring out my dog. I became angry and asked what the hell was wrong with them? I can walk into a human doctor’s office. Get my eyes checked or have my hair cut. I will never EVER go back there again.

In the US, they are paid by private insurance. There in the UK and Scotland, they are government employees. They have no incentive to actually work for they are paid by doing the government’s bid. In the USA, they will not be paid unless they see you.

Perhaps it will always come down to who pays who for what.