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This Virus is Causing Psychological Damage to the General Population

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psychological damage

COMMENT: Hi Marty,

Yesterday I went to my local golf club to practice.

(It should be noted it is an excellent golf course yet public facility and subsidized by that county’s tax base, so the following enforcement is local government based in a blue state.)

I was met with the following sign at the door where you pay for the golf balls.

The small range shop, approximately 700 sqft, had its golf merchandise removed, leaving a completely empty retail space. It had also been taped off and resembled a crime scene.

I was masked and entered the now sterile golf merchandise shop to purchase a few buckets of golf balls for the range with one person already inside the empty 700 sqft, not knowing that person was in there. I then realized by the complete body language of the other person and the young girl at the cashier that I had not only broken the rules but was a threat to the two of them. I stood back beyond social distance and once he left, after shooting me a glance, I stepped forward to the 4-foot high plexiglass wall. I asked why they no longer take cash, Commenting that I was glad I had my plastic card with me. The young girl replied with the comfort of authority…

“We are practicing fewer touchpoints because of Covid19”.

The clubhouse also holds the same cashless signs and guidelines. Going to a leisure facility to hit golf balls now feels restrictive and not so comfortable.

Marty, what have they done to us? In just a few months we now doubt or fear the human standing next to us and endure those who embrace the new authority handed to them by local government agencies…and this is only a golf course and clubhouse.

You are correct in your reporting and I see it more and more on a daily basis. The authorities are pushing a cashless payment system. The people comply and it is truly amazing yet disturbing to witness it.

Thank you for all you do; it is so helpful.


REPLY: This is not my wild guess or opinion. This is history repeating. You divide the people any way you can, typically using religion or race, but whatever the ploy (here it is health) they invoke a human response where people fear the other group. It reminds me of an old woman from New York City who was in Atlantic City in a casino. She was alone in an elevator going to her room and two black guys entered the elevator — one was Eddie Murphy. She panicked and thought she was going to be robbed. It wasn’t that she was really a racist. She was indoctrinated that young blacks were criminals.

People can be indoctrinated to distrust other groups very easily. This is what they are doing with social distancing. They are indoctrinating people to psychologically assume all other people are a threat. Like the old woman in the elevator, it was not racism. If an elderly black man entered, that would not have been a problem. The image of black youths firing guns and robbing people that appears on the nightly news creates the image that all black youths should not be trusted. The press is doing the very same thing with this virus. We are looking at permanent psychological damage. There is no putting this back together again.