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There is So Much Professional Dissent Against Fauci & Gates

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What is discussed here is the way cycles work. Professor Wittkowski explains that because of this insane intervention to try to flatten the curve, they have deliberately prolonged the crisis and have prevented the majority of the people from building a natural immunity to this virus so vaccines would NOT be necessary, proving Bill Gates is WRONG!!!!!


Nikkei Y 4 30 2017

I have explained that the very same impact of prolonging the bear market took place in Japan and undermined their entire economy. The government intervened to flatten the downward curve which only prolonged the bear market. Why? Institutions kept holding on because they believed the government would support the Nikkei and make it go back up. The institutions would not add to their portfolios for their confidence had been destroyed. This became a market where they would use every rally to sell.

DJIND Y 1929

In the case of the 1929 Crash, it was over and done within 34 months compared to nearly 26 years in Japan. Yes, it fell dramatically. If the government intervenes, the bear market is merely prolonged because people hold rather than liquidate and move on.

The advice being carried out by Fauci and Bill Gates is ABSOLUTELY wrong, and it has unnecessarily destroyed the economy. There should be a class-action suit filed against the Gates Foundation – NOW!!!!!!