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There are Many Reports from Around the World of People Becoming Seriously Ill After the Vaccine

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COVIS 19 Vaccine

There are way too many people suffering from serious side-effects from these vaccines. There is a lot of information coming out about these vaccines, which have been pushed out without proper testing because this was a manufactured political emergency. Thirty people died after being vaccinated in Norway, prompting international concern outside the USA of course. Then there were nine Catholic bishops who all died of COVID in the same week? Meanwhile, a study in Italy showed that tumor patients had already developed antibodies to COVID-19 back in September 2019 showing that it was around before it is generally believed to have begun in China. You cannot give these vaccines to the frail elderly. The real crisis we have is that this virus has been usurped politically to create political change. The restrictions on the global economy are ensuring that we are looking at a broader economic depression. The lockdowns have not been effective and have resulted in many deaths of those who could not get other treatments.

A Thai researcher has taken the vaccine and documented its results. She said: “General post-vaccination symptoms include a mild fever, headache, muscle pain, and shivering.” But then went on to say it will not ensure you will not get COVID! So why take a vaccine that will not prevent the disease? Is it like the flu vaccine where they say you may still get it but it will be less severe?

They there are some reports that after vaccination if you come into contact with one of the new strains which have appeared in the UK, Africa, and now California, you may have a worse experience. The entire problem has been that COVID has been used for political purposes of shutting down the economy to reduce CO2, and yes, to get rid of Trump.

I have also written about how my first son was killed by a ventilator. If they put people on a ventilator, they often die. A nurse has exposed what is being called murder by ventilators. There have been serious questions even about the PCR Tests used for COVID and peer reviews. But COVID has been weaponized for political purposes and therein lies the problem. People are terrorized by the media into getting vaccines that may cause serious injuries if not death in some people.

Even Bill Gates admitted that if he vaccinated the entire world, 700,000 people might die from the vaccines. Medical practices should be as the oath states: do no harm. YouTube has banned anything from the Frontline Doctors because it is in opposition to their personal agenda.

Somehow we have to separate politics from medicine. This is just getting way out of control. Our computer has warned that the disease cycle begins to hit in 2022. Is this a mutation of COVID? The fundamentals always seem to unfold to fit the model’s forecast.