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The Only Candidate Who Could Prosecute Fauci

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. deserves more attention than the mainstream media could ever give to him. Kennedy has always been skeptical of the COVID pandemic and “the science” behind it. The Center for Countering Digital Hate awarded Kennedy as one of the top “Disinformation Dozen” in 2021 for speaking out against vaccines. Kennedy is now saying that he would hold Anthony Fauci responsible for the countless lives he claimed by funding viruses and promoting medical tyranny.

Kennedy has in fact been questioning the role of Big Pharma for decades. He was first dubbed an anti-vaxxer in 2005 when he began to question thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that was pulled from most childhood vaccines besides the one for the common flu back in 2001. He went on to publish numerous articles questioning the use of mercury in vaccinations.

Kennedy has questioned the widespread use of antidepressants and has cited the medical usage of certain psychoactive drugs as one-time treatments for ongoing mental health issues like PTSD. He has never faltered in questioning Big Pharma and its role on our society. As for COVID, he was one of the first politicians to raise the red flag.

Children’s Health Defense, sponsored by Kennedy, has published countless articles and studies explaining the hazards of vaccinations and lockdown mandates. It is worth taking a look at that website as it hosts a wealth of knowledge on the truth behind “the science.”

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Kennedy penned a book in 2021, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” in which he reveals that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was in cahoots with Big Pharma to profit off of vaccines. He did this at a time when America saw Fauci as the hero who should not be questioned. He was not afraid to call out Bill Gates for his role in the pandemic, and declared democracy itself was at risk. In fact, he dated Fauci’s sinister role back to the early AIDS crisis when “America’s Doctor” partnered with Big Pharma, violating federal laws and committing human rights abuses all for personal gain.

“In early 2000, Fauci shook hands with Bill Gates in the library of Gates’ $147 million Seattle mansion, cementing a partnership that would aim to control an increasingly profitable $60 billion global vaccine enterprise with unlimited growth potential. Through funding leverage and carefully cultivated personal relationships with heads of state and leading media and social media institutions, the Pharma-Fauci-Gates alliance exercises dominion over global health policy and our beautiful country,” the book’s description goes on to say.

No other politician running for president has questioned the vaccines, Big Pharma, or Anthony Fauci. RFK was personally de-platformed countless times for speaking the truth and mislabeled a conspiracy theorist for questioning the status quo. Kennedy is also against the Neocons and the ongoing forever wars. This man deserves a much bigger platform than what has been provided to him, as I do believe he is a man of the people.