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The Good News – We Are Starting to Win

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Centner Academy

There is a private school in Miami named the Centner Academy which took a bold and courageous stand against this COVID nonsense. They decided to defend their students, thanks to Governor DeSantis, against this entire COVID agenda. They have rejected the experimental Gates vaccines and have their own creed to support the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of their student body.

Instead of admiring their stand, the press, and even the White House press secretary targeted them for daring to protect their children. The interesting thing is what has developed. Instead of people fleeing and taking the children out of the school, people are lining up to send their kids there. They have emerged as a beacon of hope in these terrible manipulated times.  They have witnessed an extraordinary influx of people trying to send their children there and they are now looking for more teachers to try to accommodate those rejecting this GatesTerrorization of the world.

Doctors Medicine

We are also getting reports from nurses in the medical field who have refused to take the Gates Vaccines that there are some hospitals that see the opportunity of pinching the top staff from the Draconian hospitals that say vaccinate or you are fired. There are shifts taking place where there are some hospitals that see this as an opportunity and are taking advantage of the crisis. I suggest that you check the policies of the hospitals in your area and move to the one that is not mandating vaccines for their staff.


Denmark is rejecting the authoritarian objectives of Gates and his puppet organization the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. Denmark has downgraded COVID-19 and no longer considers it “a socially critical disease in Denmark.”