The End of a Culture – Epidemiologists are Becoming the Destroyer of Civilization

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What these Epidemiologists have done to society is beyond belief. Once upon a time, there were buffets with all you could eat, and a Sunday brunch was often the highlight of the week. Now every stranger and every set of communal salad tongs have become a threat to our very existence. Buffets are a thing of the past and their very existence threatens our life. Masks do not protect you since they claim you can catch a virus from just touching something, which now justifies ending physical money even though it has been in use since the 7th century BC.

Many restaurants are finished and this is also impacting weddings, no less funerals. The philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844—1900), was very anti-religion and it appears that his ideas have captured the recommendations of Epidemiologists. These people have utterly destroyed civilization from sports to a simple buffet, that the invisible strings that bind society together and make it function has been snipped and do not appear anywhere on the horizon for a return.