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Switzerland Abolishes COVID Restrictions

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Switzerland Abolishimng Corona

Now Switzerland is abolishing COVID restrictions. More and more countries are waking up to this insanity. I have had numerous calls on the subject and I believe that computer forecast that these people would fail and that this could not extend beyond the 3rd year, all once again making it on time and a correct forecast for Socrates. The COVID Crash was March 2020 and they began to organize it by August 2019. I warned Schwab – beware the Ides of March.

Trudeau on Run

Meanwhile, Trudeau was on the run, and in the USA, Biden orders U.S. soldiers who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine will be immediately discharged, the U.S. Army said on Wednesday, saying the move was critical to maintaining combat readiness. It is really hard to say who is the worst head of state – Trudeau or Biden?