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Sweden Bucks the Hysteria – Refuses to Close its Economy

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Sweden Parliament

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (his wife) have returned to the United States from Australia and have recovered from this dreaded virus.  We have received countless emails from Sweden where we have a large number of readers, clients, and many very active politically. Sweden has not followed the rest of the West and has taken this virus insanity with a realistic approach. Unlike Demark and Norway, Sweden did not follow with a stay at home order for a month destroying their economy. Sweden shut down ONLY its high schools, colleges while keeping open its preschool and grade schools so not crazy isolation drama. The also kept open the pubs, restaurants, and its borders. It also did not prohibit skying.

While social life in Europe and much of the U.S. now centers on the home isolation and a nose-dive in GDP with a rise in unemployment, Sweden looked at the number and did not see where this would be an epidemic. It will be interesting to see the economic numbers we will be able to look at on a comparison basis.