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Superbowl & Florida – Thank God!

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People have written in to ask how was the Superbowl. In Florida, we are EXTREMELY lucky to have a republican governor DeSantis who has saved the state from the draconian antics of the Democratic States. He allowed us to hold our World Economic Conference and we did not have to wear masks in the room or at the cocktail party. I did not get COVID nor did any of my staff. Florida has beat every state that lockdown, destroyed the businesses, wiping out culture that will never return to New York City.

Our death rate was less than in New York and we did not have a governor who ordered COVID patients to be sent into nursing homes killing untold seniors, and then Governor Cuomo bans prosecuting nursing homes for killing family members while others have tried to sue him for abuse of power. Cuomo has tried to hide the deaths he caused by ordering COVID patients should be taken into nursing homes. The number of deaths may be underreported by as much as 50%. It is amazing Cuomo is not dragged out of office by his feet. I am so glad I moved to Florida.


Mask Box

The crazy anti-freedom press and Democratic states point out that Florida’s governor had no mask at the Superbowl. He said how was he supposed to have a beer? Nobody in the press will dare investigate if masks do anything. The box I bought states clearly it will NOT prevent any disease. So what all of this nonsense? Because they do not work, Biden orders people must wear two masks on public transport.

COVID Mice Cartoon 1

One email from a reader said if the vaccines prove to be lethal after a year in the next viral season, it will reduce the population of the progressives and at least make Gates’ day until he realizes he exterminated the sheep. I had a routine visit to a doctor yesterday and they asked if I wanted the vaccine. I said no way! I told him my cousin was a front-line Nurse in New Jersey who caught COVID, got over it, and then was ordered to take the vaccine. She had a stroke after the first dose, recovered, and then refused the second. He then said there are adverse reactions in some people. My response is yes, but they will not do the proper research to determine who should not be given the vaccine. Skipping the animal trials and using people violates the Nuremberg agreement to ban human experimentation. Every leader imposing such decrees should be on trial for crimes against humanity.