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Something Strange about Coronavirus Scare

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Coronavirus Research

Those of you who keep pushing this disease into a panic, claiming the numbers are fake and it is much worse, are being used as pawns for the ID2020. The real concern is that there are other coronaviruses which typically amount to 14% of flu-like diseases each year. This has contributed to false-positive claims of the coronavirus. Even the American Dental Association has instructed dentists to shutdown for 2 weeks. With less than 15,000 reported cases in the USA, given that the 2018 population was 327.2 million, we are talking about 0.00004% of the population. If the number of flu-caused deaths exceeds 7.7 percent of the total, then the United States officially has an epidemic on its hands.

There is something much more sinister going on here and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. You do not shut down the world economy for such a minor incident. An epidemic would require more than 4 million deaths in the United States – not less than 250.