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Rising COVID Cases Among Vaccinated

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Reports of fully vaccinated individuals contracting COVID are on the rise. Cases are appearing worldwide, but let’s take a look at Australia as they currently have some of the strictest COVID restrictions in the world. A gym in Sydney only permitted fully vaccinated patrons but was stunned when 15 people fell ill with the virus. The owner said he went “above and beyond” to follow the harsh COVID guidelines, and he had only reopened in October after the government forced gyms to close. In Melbourne, 11 people contracted COVID at a restaurant that also only permitted fully vaccinated patrons. The government will likely vilify small businesses with investigations and fines rather than admitting that the vaccine is ineffective.

The Australian government can and will track down anyone who came into contact with the “diseased” and force them to self-isolate regardless of vaccination status. Reuters reported that fully vaccinated Australians must quarantine for 72 hours upon entering their country due to omicron. Plans to allow skilled migrants to enter the country have halted, and the government seems prepared to ruin its economy by implementing additional restrictions for a virus that can never be eradicated. It almost makes sense as to why Australia continues to invest in their quarantine camps — they know the vaccines do not prevent transmission.