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Refusing to Wear Masks in the South

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Journalists have not gotten the message — they are now viewed even below police as a trusted ethical profession in society. They spend all their time trying to scare people and disregard the economic havoc they have caused, no less the massive job loss and futures they have destroyed. About 30% of mortgages are behind and commercial property has crashed and burned. Even our landlord is on their hands & knees pleading for us to renew, offering sizable discounts, just so they can break even.

Economically, it’s a different picture altogether in the South. Millions of people here don’t know a single soul who has become sick, but they know plenty of people who have lost their jobs. Those I know who got sick are in New Jersey and New York.

When I go out, the only people with masks are the employees and many have them just below their nose so they can breathe. On the street, perhaps I have seen one person out of a thousand with a mask. Nobody in my area knows anyone with COVID-19 down here. This is becoming like CNN’s forecast for a hurricane that we were all going to die and a “10-foot wall of water” was going to rush in. Perhaps it reached the top of my big toe.