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Q&A – Backfiring Lockdowns?

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QUESTION #1: Marty,

Is there any evidence you are hearing the Lockdown is backfiring in any way that shows this will fail and result in support for reopening the economy here without the restrictions government has implemented across the states?

It appears we are at a crossroads with professional sports trying to restart, seen as a litmus test not just for the leagues but for states to allow large gatherings of people in a confined area. Recent articles hint at many sports delaying reopening, suggestive that politicians are limiting what these officials can say and making re-opening seem PROVOCATIVE against public safety, which they have used since the lockdown started.

Europe can’t blame the US for the resurfacing of the virus there. This would also seem to indicate they are looking at clamping down once again, perhaps even forcing the cancellation of European football.


ANSWER #1: It definitely appears that this plan to keep people locked down through the election will only result in an eruption of civil unrest. We are getting direct info from around the world, illustrating that this is starting to backfire.

QUESTION #2: Do you believe all the fake news of the last few years is just warm-up for the ultimate fake news: The Democrats will be declared massive winners on November 3, and no piece of information contrary to that will be allowed oxygen. Open war on the electoral college as a conspiracy to subvert the fake new election result. (Joe Rogan and Alex Jones vs. the propaganda machine)? Expect to see a massive uptick in independent journalist demonization. Bolsheviks have no scruples.


ANSWER #2: I am not optimistic about the election. I expect that nobody will accept the winner. The shenanigans going on with not needing an ID to vote and all sorts of mail-in ballots without proof of identity will only ensure that this may end up in the Supreme Court, and who knows what would be the outcome. Ordering a recount perhaps minus non-verified voters is a possibility, but how does that result in a specific winner? The computer is showing the ultimate corruption this time around, which is why they have been exploiting this virus to keep people home so they can fix the election.

COMMENT #3: Hi Marty

I’m in Utah.  A friend of my wife told her that she and her husband signed up to get the Covid-19 test.  The line at the testing facility was so long, they gave up and went home.  They got a call two days later from the testing facility saying that they tested positive for Covid-19.—they never had the test.  Another friend had the swab test.  Her mouth was swabbed four times and was counted as four tests.  How can we believe any of the data?  How much of it is being inflated?

Just got my copy of “Manipulating the World Economy” and digging into it.  I love it!


REPLY #3: I have spoken to several doctors, and, off the record, they all say the same thing — these tests are not valid. The abuse by the medical profession to cash in on COVID cases is threatening all of our rights just so they can line their pockets. You cannot create an incentive that only pays if they have COVID, and then not require an actual test if the patient shows possible symptoms.