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Pfizer’s Immunity & Monopoly?

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There really was no regulation to speak of when it came to medicine prior to the 20th century. The Food and Drug Administration was not created until 1906 which was followed by the Federal Trade Commission in 1914. Before then. there really were no restrictions on the types of claims that could be made about medication safety or effectiveness, nor were there limitations on the ingredients that marketed remedies could contain. Many included opium, cocaine, and alcohol. This was fairly common in bottled medicines. There was no requirement to even purchase something without a prescription.

Freedom from the need to prove safety and efficacy back then existed as it does once again today. However, that did not mean manufacturers were also immune from patent lawsuits. Then because of the Civil War, the government began to tax medicines in 1862 and this is where we find “revenue stamps” being printed privately by the manufacturer,  that were affixed to
pre-bottled medications to designate payment of a tax on the product.

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Revenue stamps had been required for certain types of documents and for bottled liquor since the 18th century, but the use of these stamps was expanded because of the c Civil War to include playing cards, matches, tobacco, patent (proprietary) medicines, perfume, and other “luxuries” the government could think of.

The total IMMUNITY for drug companies, known as the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, was put into place in 1986 to encourage the development of vaccines, a mainstay of the nation’s public health policy. The lawsuits against vaccine makers in the 1970s and 1980s led to them claiming they would stop making vaccines because the lawsuits made it a low-profit business, creating a public-health scare orchestrated by paying Compagnie contributions to key legislators.

What has taken place now is absolutely criminal. This COVID rollout is just without any integrity whatsoever. Cyclically, it appears this immunity may blow up in the face by 2029. The abuse that these companies are wielding with the help of Bill Gates is outright genocide. It has come out that immunity is no longer good enough. They have become so greedy, they are now causing the deaths of countless people by having in their contracts that governments MAY NOT provide remedies at the expense of the vaccine companies. Even if they allow remedies to save people’s lives, the contracts they are forcing nations to sign make it clear that they are to be PAID even if a nation resorts to a remedy that is effective.

Pfizer fought to hide their contracts from the public. This is why Ivermectin has been suppressed.  Their agreement states that countries aligned with Pfizer still must pay for vaccines even if they do not use them. They cannot escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID-19, the contract cannot be voided.

This is not only criminal, it violates the Anti-Trust Act and ensures that Gates and his crew have not just 100% IMMUNITY, but also a MONOPOLY. The mainstream press has sold out humanity all because they hated Trump and have had to defend these vaccines for political reasons.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and Moderna both raised prices in union. Anyone else would have their companies shut down for violating the Anti-Trust Act. The claimed that they have to spend so much money on development is also a flat outright lie. Moderna admitted it took them just 2 days to come up with their vaccine.


Now it is clear that the vaccine does NOTHING and this entire scam has destroyed people’s livelihoods and sent inflation soaring. Even Lindsey Graham, who was fully vaccinated, caught COVID, and all the results show that they can spread it as if they were not vaccinated. So even if 100% of the world were vaccinated, there will NEVER be the end of this virus and there is NO WAY society will EVER go back to normal as long as governments listen to this nonsense.

If patients have adverse reactions to the vaccine and require medical care, as is taking place by the thousands,  they will not have special protections against those charges. If a visit for a vaccine requires blood to be drawn or discusses pre-existing conditions with a provider, that is not covered.