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People Being Fired by Democrats for Refusing to Get Vaccine

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Girl Fired

The New York Post reported that Bonnie Jacobson, 34, told them that the management at Red Hook Tavern canned her on Monday because she balked at getting the vaccine immediately. We are getting emails with similar stories which seem to be only highlighting the great divide between the Democrats and Republicans. Some are starting to even ask about vaccines in job interviews and it is going in both directions.

Vaccine Cartoon

If they require a vaccine they are turning down job offers and others are firing people for refusing to get it. One reader said his daughter told the interviewer she will come back in a year and if you are OK, then I’ll take the job. Even the White House has confirmed that when vaccinated, you still need a mask, can still get it, and you still have to social distance. There seems to be no concrete answer and the fact that the vaccine producers have been given complete immunity does not invoke confidence. Just look at the immunity for BigTech – they have devastated society and destroyed any chance for democracy which relies upon the cornerstone of debate.

vaccine COVID Mice Cartoon 1

The fact that they skipped the animal trials does not embrace confidence when they are exempt from all immunity. And BTW, they petition the EU has also struck deals for the immunity or they would not distribute the vaccine in Europe.

NCBI Warning

(In case they Remove it: Public should be told that vaccines may have long term adverse effects)

Well, the left better pray that these vaccines do not have long-term side-effects as some are warning because they will be wiping out all Marxist-leaning supporters which could dramatically change politics forever.