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NYC Imposing COVID Passports & Biden Preparing for Same

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NYC Passport2

Well you can cross the Big Apple off the Tourist list. New York City will be the first to impost Vaccine Passports to enter places. There goes Broadway. If that does not end NYC, I suppose nothing else will. You would think that if this was closer to the Spanish flu with a 3% kill ratio, perhaps you can justify it. Even the CDC has come out and shortens the social distancing from 6 feet to 3 feet because even that is absurd. When I said I had gone to the doctor and said I did not know anyone with COVID, they said I could have gotten it by pumping gas into my car. So much for masks and social distancing.

The Biden Administration is also hard at work to create a COVID Passport. Let’s face reality. The death rate with COVID 0.028% is about the same as the Kong Kong flu of the ’60s. It certainly does not warrant such hype. Therefore, the primary objective is to reduce movement to reduce the use of fossil fuels. The Guardian has already come out stating we need total lockdowns every two years to meet the UN objectives in climate.

There are diseases that are far worse than COVID which has a near 98.5% survival rate. So, is the end goal to create a passport for absolutely every version of some disease? This is all about Climate Change and I find it amazing that the majority of the people and corporations are totally blind to what is taking place slowly in incremental steps. The future we leave our children will be nothing but a total prison camp. At some point, they will most likely introduce permits to have children.


Prima Noctum (jus primae noctis)(Prima Nocta) (First Night) was a law enforced by Edward I of England in an attempt to breed the Scots out instead of fighting them out. This right was the privilege of English Nobles to sleep with a woman on the first night of her marriage. However, it appears that money may not be able to buy love, but it can buy just about everything else. If you paid a fine, then the English Nobel would not sleep with your bride. This eventually merged and became the fee for a marriage license – a perpetual fine. The way this is going, the blending of climate change and population growth seems to lead to only one result – we will eventually need a permit to have a child, not unlike the one-child rule that existed in China until it was abandoned.

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Our political models show an unbelievable Panic Cycle in 2022 and 2024 with the Directional Change in 2021 which we obviously achieved. I cannot stress enough that to get Panic Cycles in politics is just astonishing. I don’t really want to venture a guess, but if the Biden Administration continues to move in this authoritarian direction, the 2022 election is going to make 2020 look like child’s play. I do not believe that Biden is in charge of anything. He is the perfect puppet making Bush Jr. look like a genius. This is not even Harris pulling the strings. This is a much darker force behind the curtain protected by the likes of the Washington Post and the New York Times.