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New Zealand Police Can Bust Into Your House & Do Anything They Think is Reasonably Necessary To Enforce Lockdown

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NewZealand Police

In New Zealand, civil liberties have been suspended and may not return. The new police powers during the Covid-19 alert level 4 lockdown reveals authorities have the power to set up roadblocks and random checkpoints. However, they also have the power to bust into your house “enter, remain and inspect” any household or office that is suspected of housing an unsanctioned gathering. The new guidance, recently released by the police, revealed that under alert level 4 police may do “anything reasonably necessary, including the use of force, to compel, enforce, or ensure compliance” of the lockdown measures.


People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to comprehend and the desire to imagine, but history bears witness, they must also have the courage to demand and take it when it is denied. Liberty is attainable when the military and police who enforce the orders from their tyrants, open their eyes and comprehend that their liberty is also forlorn.