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Never let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

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QUESTION: First, Thank You for sharing your knowledge about the way the Planetary Economy really works without all the BS. Please do not get discouraged and keep up the outstanding work.

My question is, since the world economy already had serious problems BEFORE the Corona Virus, are the “Powers That Be” going to use this pandemic as a reason the world economy is tanking and attempt to hide their past economic sins and incompetence under the diseases skirts?

Best Regards,

Franklin Liberty

ANSWER: My observations of working with governments since the early 1980s boils down to one simple truth — they love crises. A politician cannot run for office saying vote for me because I prevented you from losing your job. Nobody will believe them. It is far better if you lose your job and then a politician can scream, “Vote for me and I will get the guy that cost you your job!”

Similarly, Ben Franklin observed a derivative of what I am saying. You cannot secure liberty by surrendering it because of some urgent crisis. We are already hearing rumblings about how paper money is now suddenly dangerous for it can spread the coronavirus. This virus offers an excuse for regulations, changes to the economy, and of course more reasons to raise taxes.

The problems that were already in motion can simply be used by blaming it on the virus