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Is there an Uptick in Coronavirus? Or is the Smartest Virus in History?

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It is interesting that our computer projected the peak would be April then a bounce into July. But this begs the question: Is this really a surge or is the fact that they have drastically increased the testing and the youth who have been infected without knowing it now test positive? I have stated that in a single month, I personally have been tested 5 times. Each comes back as NEGATIVE yet a doctor told me that really doesn’t matter because the tests are so inaccurate. I find this response just stunning. I suppose the only way to say you don’t have this disease is to accept a Gates Vaccination that genetically alters your DNA when you have no idea what the long-term implications would be. So you suddenly start to grow a nose on the back of your head in 5 years? Your lifespan is suddenly shortened and goes into a crash and burn?

Nevertheless, California Gov. Newsom has ordered bars to close, restaurants to halt indoor dining in LA, in other counties. The closures are a reversal of the state’s reopening process amid a sharp uptick in coronavirus cases Newsom announced a new round of lockdown measures ordering 19 counties to close all indoor operations for several business sectors, including restaurants, as the state grapples with a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

In addition to bars being forced to shut down temporarily, restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment venues, zoos, museums, and cardrooms must halt operations in selected communities, Newsom said that businesses can continue to operate if they can move operations outdoors.

When people said the protests are the reason for the surge in new cases, they then come out with a study claiming that they were not the reason for the surge despite the fact they did not wear masks and did not socially distance. They simply roll out studies to support whatever they want any more. We are the cause of a surge because you go out to dinner or shop at the local store for food. So, get a t-shirt that says Black Lives Matter and say you are protesting and you can go out without a mask because CNN has confirmed as along as you protest, you will not get the virus. It seems to be a very intelligent virus like no other in history.