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Is the Arrogance Over Quarantine Leading to Social Unrest?

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, in previous months you made mention that Socrates was pointing to June/July as a time of civil unrest in the states, do you think these recent events are what will be the ultimate trigger here? the initial speculation that the conventions would be taking place around the time of the unrest made sense at the time but I’m beginning to fear we are going to be in a police state slowly being stripped of more and more until the masses say enough is enough, 3 months time seems about right to me. thanks for all that you provide.


ANSWER: Riots are beginning in different places and are being reported by clients, not the press. The youth is protesting against the virus restrictions that the medical industry only looks at from their perspective without considering the social or economic consequences. Sure, if we all distance ourselves, stay home, and shut down the world economy, we can beat the common cold. But how will people eat? Who grows the food? Who distributes it? I find it very arrogant for claimed medical professionals and organizations to argue for the world to be quarantined. What happens when they get their statement on their pension fund and see how much they have lost because of this position?

The riots that are being reported are accompanied by the view that “this is an old people’s disease” not impacting the youth. The Spring Breakers are not staying home, even in the USA. It is hard to say what impact this has on civil unrest. In Florida, they have closed the beaches as of 12 tonight. Civil unrest is rising because of discontent to start with. There are factions already forming, suggesting they write in Bernie’s name in the November election. They are starting “never Biden” (#NeverBiden) movements. We may see the split in the Democratic Party because of the discontent that began BEFORE the virus scare. The computer forecasts the trend, not the fundamentals.

Even Italy, which has an aging population, has confirmed that 99% of those who have died from the virus had other illnesses. Unbiased medical professionals make it clear that the actual cause of death is not the virus alone – it is complications.