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Is Bloomberg Behind the John Hopkins University Virus Map that Has Scared the World?

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Some people have wondered who is behind the John Hopkins University map. Is there a political connection or is this just academic incompetence? I believe it clearly warrants investigation. The people behind this graphic should be hauled into the Senate under subpoena. What they have done with a misleading graphic is virtually overthrowing all human rights and every principle of liberty that so many generations have fought for and died. My family fought in every war since the American Revolution. Even Germany has been talking about declaring Emergency Powers for one year. We have others claiming the virus will last 18 months to clearly impact the 2020 elections. The threats to our liberty are far worse than an invasion by China or Russia for that matter.

The red dots of John Hopkins University are outright propaganda and deliberately misleading in my belief. They are not current but historical. They do not disappear with the virus subsiding. Look at China – they make it seem as if the entire country were infected. They are deliberately misleading and make it appear as if whole countries are infected to support stay at home and martial law. This is propaganda on a grand scale that I have never witnessed in my 50 years of experience! John Hopkins University has been promoting the collapse of democracy, justifying the suppression of all freedom and civil liberties. We have governments declaring emergency powers to end democratic processes thanks to this misleading graphic.

The Event201 Pandemic Exercise was clearly a bunch of academics who have no sense of anything outside their own field. True, if we all sequester during the winter we could beat the common cold. But they have zero understanding of civilization, no less the economy and that the worth of any currency is the total productive capacity of the people it represents. You do NOT kill the patient to declare your victory in defeating the disease.


Bloomberg All that Money Can Buy

There are some who are starting to question if this is a deliberate coup orchestrated by the left on a global scale because all the socialistic systems they have created are collapsing and will be unsustainable come 2021. The strange coincidence is that Michael Bloomberg has donated $1.8 billion to John Hopkins University. That donation amount would naturally result in them asking how high if they were asked to jump.

Michael Bloomberg said he had no problem spending $1 Billion to Defeat Trump. Why does he hate Trump so much? His own press reported: “Bloomberg Will Spend to Beat Trump, Even If He’s Not the Nominee.” Bloomberg’s anti-Trump effort has been personal. He also said that his “organization would work to help Warren or Sanders despite his stated differences with them over a wealth tax and Medicare for All.”

Bloomberg News has joined the anti-Trump campaign. Some are deeply concerned that this virus scare has been created by John Hopkins’ map and they have Bloomberg’s $1.8 billion contributions. Do we have a HopkinsGate affair? Has this been a political coup or just academic incompetence? We should have a Senate investigation!

BTW: John Hopkins has a facility in our office complex. They are open as “essential” for what purpose? To create a historical map that will be all red but the virus has expired?