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Influence v a Cabal

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COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,
I don’t mean this against you specifically, but your latest post reminded me of It. I am in my 40s now. Ever since 9/11 I have been hearing older people say, ‘I’m just glad I’m not 18 today.’ Everyone knew this was coming. All the old people in America could have been spending the last 20 years of abundant free time trying to make the future -better- for all the young people coming up behind them. Instead, they were on cruises, playing golf, bingo, going to Florida, getting early-bird dinners, etc. And then they just sit there and say, ‘Boy your lives are going to be terrible.’ Well, thanks.
– JM

Crash Burn


REPLY: You are absolutely right, but the average person also does not know where to start. This is why Trump was elected. He beat 17 career politicians not because he is such a great person, but because they want real change. Politicians ran all the time promising the moon and never delivering. They treat the people as stupid morons. Indeed, ask most people who vote Democratic only why and they spout out the dogma without any original analysis. The same can be said for many Republicans. It’s no different than people supporting their local football team. They do so only based upon their location. They lack any ability to engage in original thought. I often say only 10% of the population really decides who becomes president. Only three presidents have ever won just over 60% – FDR, Johnson, and Nixon. Obama won 51.1% of the popular vote compared to Romney’s 47.2% in 2012 yet he pretended to have a mandate. 1.1% majority is not a mandate.

The system is so corrupt at every level it does feel like resistance is futile. Part of the problem is the vast majority just do not pay attention. When I was young, I tried to make a difference. I quickly learned that trying to work from within government was indeed futile. You have people who try so hard to smear me by saying I’m a fraud, but why? It is because they also know that we have probably the largest institutional base of anyone. They fear, as always, I am too influential. But the truth is we are not influential enough to prevent this crash and burn.

US Unemployment Weekly Claims 1024x314

Unemployment 2023 1024x785

My personal goal was to create Socrates in the hope that people will look at this and understand when it is time to rebuild, let’s do it the right way. I think Socrates has done an outstanding job. I have not personally been able to articulate its forecasts because I am just human and did not see how the fundamentals could support the conclusion. It has projected this crash and the dramatic rise in unemployment that I fundamentally could not rationalize based on history since it never happened like that before. It projected years in advance that this 8.6-year wave would be a commodity boom, built upon shortages and NOT demand. That much I have been able to articulate.

My job is to reveal its forecasts. As I have said, I was at a loss to comprehend how unemployment could possibly rise so fast. That has NEVER taken place even in times of war, no less the Great Depression. There are people who hate my forecasts and attack me personally but never acknowledge these are not my personal opinions and God does not speak to me in the middle of the night.

Unemployment 1900 1940 Deatailed

We can see that unemployment even during the Great Depression took three years to reach the 25% level. Even by 1930, unemployment had risen from the 3% level to about 8.5% in a year. Socrates forecast something that NEVER took place in history. That to me was very impressive.

The bankers may hate me and claim I have too much influence, but that is always when they are going against the trend. This is a cabal, a coordinated attack using so many fronts it is just beyond contemplation. It has been well organized. The WHO, which is part of this conspiracy, is now stating the world must remain locked down. This is not the bankers, it is the socialists who have used climate change which was not moving the people to action. They switched the dogma to immediate death if you dare to walk outside.

The untold story is of the farmworkers who pick crops in Europe migrate from Poland south. This lockdown is causing a serious shortage in food which will lead to starvation and a real rise in disease, which our computer is projecting into 2022. This conspiracy to further political change is threatening civilization, national security, and inviting war.