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Imperial College Should Be Defunded for Their Fake Research

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Imperial College

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

These corrupt idiots at Imperial released another report in which they claim the lockdowns they advocated saved 3.1 million lives in Europe.

How can they even claim this nonsense with all the proof out there about their former BS-report.

It would be interesting to know who paid the bill for this study.
I guess we just have to wait for their next report which will call for new lockdowns. Probably just a few days after governments claim a small increase in infections.

Kind regards from the European hell of socialism.

George 1778 Tory Confiscation Note 1024x613

REPLY: This is such BS and these people are really risking their lives as are journalists. During revolutions, these types of people are seen as traitors against the people and are often dragged from their offices and hung. This will not be a good time to be working in Fake News. Even during the American Revolution, those who supported the king were often dragged out and hanged with all their property confiscated and used as backing for currency. We will one day see politicians and journalists being executed by mobs as historically the typical outcome. Even in China, Judicial Minister Chao Cuo (? – 154BC) earned the hatred of the people for his rulings involving 30 new laws. The outrage was so intense, he was dragged out of his office and executed in his judicial robes in the town marketplace. Even judges are often made to atone for their injustices in revolutions.

This claim of the Imperial College is so bogus because it cannot be proven. If you were standing at the bottom of a hill and I came up to you and said I just saved your life! I hold out my hand, and asked for a tip. You look at me strangely. You’d ask me, “How?” I’d reply that there was a car at the top of the hill and it started to roll. It would have killed you had I not jumped in and put on the brakes. How do you know the car would have hit you or if I had really jumped in and put on the brakes? Imperial College is trying to save their reputation to support a bogus program that was wrong and could NEVER forecast anything correctly for it was a child’s game like Sim City.

The people are not going to accept being locked down again and all of this movement to contact tracing is really about trying to prevent civil unrest because they know all government pension funds and social programs are insolvent. They are using this entire virus scam as a means to suppress the people to retain power.

Sixth WaveECM

This is the Sixth Wave on the Economic Confidence Model. This is when governments collapse. They are so desperate to retain power that they will become extremely violent, tyrannical, and seek to eliminate all freedom just to retain a grip on power. We should vote every governor out of office who supports contact tracing apps. This is not going to end the way they would like. It is going to be violent, for they are destroying the future of people everywhere.