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Governments Cheering Coronavirus to Push Agendas

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COMMENT: Marty; You really do understand government. No sooner you posted how they will never let a crisis go to waste and the Democrats are using the coronavirus to advance their liberal agenda. They are using the virus to justify sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. Then they are using it to create a version of Medicare for all with government-covered testing and health care for those who are suspect of being infected.

You got this one right too!

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REPLY: This is just in the nature of the political beast. They will NEVER let a good crisis go to waste. In the United States, there are only 1016 cases and the Democrats are using this to justify sanctuary cities and medicare for all? In 2018, there were 362 people released from prison on DNA evidence that proved they were wrongly convicted. There are far more people who have been wrongfully imprisoned in this country than have the Coronavirus but they will not revise the legal system to protect American citizens from wrongful prosecutions.

In Italy, I have spoken to some very good sources. They may be using the coronavirus to justify stopping all refugees trying to get into Europe. The word is they are using this to fight back against the demands of the EU to accept a portion of the refugees. They are claiming that there are 10,149 cases in Italy with the Death total coming in at 631 as of March 10th, which is the next highest country on the list after China and Iran is the third. The population of Italy is nearly 60.5 million which is only about .00016% wherein China the total inflected is .0000058% of the population.

There seem to be people on the internet desperate to turn this into the end of the world with false claims of a death rate of 5%-10% which is just fiction. Perhaps these people are deliberately trying to create a panic to justify government actions.