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FDA Study: COVID Vaccine Increases Risk of Stroke Among Elderly

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The elderly were told to take the COVID vaccination as they were high-risk. Countless advertisements flooded our screens and airwaves for years, urging the most vulnerable to get the COVID-19 vaccine, boosters, and any other vaccination to prevent infection. Instead, people are experiencing ailments far worse than the coronavirus.

We know that the vaccine was released under Operation Warp Speed, and as the name entails, there were no protocols or proper testing. Years later, we are seeing the short-term side effects and the long-term effects remain unknown. Researchers at the government’s own U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admitted that they found a correlation between the mRNA jab and the risk of stroke after analyzing Medicare data of 11,001 individuals. (Read: Stroke Risk After COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccination Among US Older Adults)

There is an elevated risk of nonhemorrhagic stroke or transient ischemic attack in individuals over 85 who received the Pfizer vaccination, and that age range is lowered to 65 to 74 among those who received Moderna’s cocktail. “This finding suggests that the observed association between vaccination and stroke in the concomitant subgroup was likely driven by a high-dose or adjuvanted influenza vaccination,” Steven Anderson, director of the Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the FDA, and the other researchers wrote.

The FDA believes those who received the common flu vaccine along with the COVID-19 vaccine are particularly at risk. As usual, they say more testing is necessary to determine the root cause, but they first alerted the public of this risk in January 2023, and nothing has been done. The risk of a stroke appeared more prevalent 43 to 90 days after vaccination. The majority of those who experienced a stroke post-vaccination have no previous history of having had a stroke.


Tragically, people can no longer trust public health agencies run by the government, and even vaccines that were previously trusted will likely be shunned. The COVID-19 vaccine DOES NOT prevent transmission or infection. Only the pharmaceutical companies know what is in the vaccine as they refuse to reveal that information to the public, and the government has granted them immunity from any wrongdoing. Why are people still receiving the vaccination when we know of the ailments it causes and none of the benefits?