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Fauci Belongs in Prison

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Good morning. Well here we go, not that we didn’t already know, but here we have Fauci making an official proclamation of what’s to come over the next few months.

In another article from CNN about Fauci’s proclamation, continued widespread use of face masks is promoted as are keeping college students away from home under the pretense of not spreading the virus. A nice little trick to divide and conquer the family, so they can continue to indoctrinate the youth. As for the children in grade to high school, they ask the parents to sign a waiver and agreement that the parents won’t be in the same room as the children if they’re receiving the virtual lessons. I wonder why that is? Maybe they don’t want to see what really is being taught in school? Can’t imagine leaving my children online by themselves with some adults.

Keep up the good work. Hope all is well!


ANSWER: This is all political. The health director of Los Angeles openly admitted they will keep schools closed until after the election. I suppose if Biden wins, they think COVID will be cured before he even takes office. I saw a family of four driving and they all were wearing masks inside their own car. I suppose they all most sleep in separate rooms and eat in rotation. They really should have STUPID awards available for the sheep where you could hand them out. It is people like this who are surrendering all our rights to this orchestrated political play. I suppose if Fauci came out and said you have to kill your firstborn because the overpopulation is creating COVID they would never question a single word.

Fauci belongs in prison. Fauci’s conflicts of interest and experiments with coronaviruses, which he sent to Wuhan when ordered to stop in the United States, is unbelievable. CNN will never report anything along those lines because they are out to hang Trump no matter what Fauci and Gates do to the nation. As I reported, in Thailand where they did not pay hospitals if the person had COVID, there were only 58 deaths out of 69 million people. There were 2551 deaths by suicide because they have destroyed people’s livelihoods. In Singapore, they have started a movement begging teens not to commit suicide, asking them to please stay.

Green New Deal

This COVID is completely exaggerated for political purposes and it is being done deliberately to overthrow Trump and usher in dramatically higher taxes with this New Green World Order with the United Nations, the major puppet of Bill Gates, along with a co-conspirator Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. They are counting on stupid people to walk around with masks all the time even inside your car to simply accept whatever they say, surrender your job, and stay at home watching CNN while on this new welfare they are calling Guaranteed Basic Income.