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Fauci Admits School Closures were Unnecessary

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Schools across America shut down for over a year due to “the science” citing that social distancing was the only way to save the world from a deadly plague. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been revealing damning truths during his trial with the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic who is demanding answers. Fauci first revealed that there was absolutely no scientific evidence that showed social distancing would work. Now, Fauci has admitted that school closures were a “mistake.”

Fauci previously admitted that he had no idea where the six-foot social distancing rule came from as there is no evidence stating that it was ever a reliable safety measure. “It sort of just appeared. I don’t recall,” he told the panel in a January regarding social distancing. “Just an empiric decision that wasn’t based on data or even data that could be accomplished.”

Still, the world was required to abide by these rules, which led to businesses shuttering as it was not possible to maintain these imaginary guidelines. Worse, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and pandemic mastermind Dr. Fauci forced schools to close.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress found that reading comprehension dell to a 30-year low for certain students amid the school closures. Over 40% of eighth graders could no longer comprehend basic mathematics. Mental health issues among children spiked due to isolation and prolonged fear mongering where the world no longer felt safe. A generation throughout the world suffered gravely due to guidelines on school closures that were mandated without any scientific backing. One study believes it will take students five years to rebound from the damaging effects of school closures. Fauci said he “wasn’t convinced” of the overwhelming data that showed kids suffered as a direct result of his guidelines.

Trust the science. Anthony Fauci was the face of “the science” that we were required to trust blindly or risk being labeled a conspiracy theorist. “I had nothing to do [with it]. I mean, let’s get down to the facts,” Fauci told a news respondent in 2022 when parents were still grappling with the effects of the pandemic.

Fauci continues to revise history by stating that he never mandated school closures. “Shutting down everything immediately — and we didn’t shut it down completely — but essentially major social distancing and even schools was the right thing,” Fauci said. “How long you kept it was the problem, because there was a disparity throughout the country. If you go back and look at the YouTube, I kept on saying, ‘Close the bars, open the schools. Open the schools as quickly and as safely as you possibly can.’ But initially to close it down was correct. Keeping it for a year was not a good idea.”

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No, it was not a good idea. Let us not forget they had to roll out the gene-modifying COVID vaccine before they slowly began to reopen schools. Parents were coerced to give their children an experimental vaccine, using the promise of reopening schools as bait. “When we had a shutdown, that 15 days to flatten the curve, we were in a tsunami of cases. Right here in New York, you had freezer trucks in front of Elmhurst Hospital,” Fauci said, continuing to defend his medical tyranny.


Worldwide governments were in on this elaborate plot to seize power under the premise of a deadly virus. The pharmaceutical companies were in on this plot, benefitting in a major way, and were provided immunity as we now are seeing more deaths from the vaccine than from the actual virus. Health organizations and their mouthpieces became dictators who forced us to abide by their every whim. The media was in on this plot and condemned everyone and anyone who dared to question “the science.” The world was placed on house arrest, helpless to act as society crumbled around us. Those responsible must be held accountable to ensure this NEVER happens again.