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Failed Research of COVID-19

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747 Seating Flight

QUESTION: Are there people who end up with long-term effects from COVID-19?


ANSWER: Unfortunately, yes. There are support groups forming and I do some people who have recovered but still sleep with oxygen. This is a small percentage of people. Nevertheless, I have been on flights where they tell you you cannot even open a pack of peanuts because one person on the flight is deathly allergic to peanuts. The point is simple. All the craziness we are going through destroying the economy, jobs, and futures of so many people is not justified because a few people are impacted differently than others. It has damaged livers in some, kidneys in other, and lungs in still others.

All the money being wasted on this virus for political purposes should be directed at identifying if these people are predisposed to this virus. It is one thing for everyone not to open a pack of peanuts on a flight and totally something different to order that everyone get off the flight so that one person can fly.

There has to be a realistic explanation and a justified investigation. Then and only then can you justify lockdowns and curfews.