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Doctors Writing In Talking they are Being Directed from Above

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There is a coordinated effort from the very top of the medical profession to direct doctors to shut down which seems to be a very questionable overreaction. We have many clients who are doctors who are free thinkers and are questioning what is going on. One has written in:


Please understand that most doctors do not view this pandemic from a stance of arrogance.  It is rather that most doctors today are simply ignorant of real scientific medicine.  They are followers, doing as they are told from their administrators, and elected leaders of the various medical societies, who are just as ignorant of the potential threat.

Many doctors today do not know how to evaluate tests, or stratify risk.  They simply look at the result and accept it.  They accept whatever is written in the journals, without thinking critically about the matter.

Now, there does seem to be something unusual going on at the apex of the medical decision-making pyramid, but I don’t know where it originates.

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