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Doctors Appear in Washington To Protest Panic Created by Media Over COVID

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Many states have directed pharmacies to refuse to honor a doctor’s prescription for hydroxychloroquine when there are previous studies by the NIH that have shown the drug works on coronaviruses that attack the lungs. This entire pandemic has become a tool for political change. Doctors who I have personally spoken to all agree with what is being said in this video. Politicians are letting people die all for political purposes and the media will not report the truth. I have never seen such unethical behavior in my entire life.

There are now polls that show that people are afraid to express their true political views. Our computer still shows that Trump should win. We are now collecting all the national data by county and state to run that full model to see if the computer will reflect anything remotely showing a 10-point lead for Biden. So far, it appears that these polls are part of this manipulation of COVID by the press to create political change. We simply do not show that drastic of a difference at this time.