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DeSantis on Vaccines

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My computer had forecast that Florida would be the best state to migrate to 6 years ago. I ran the studies on hurricanes. Everything came up roses. We held our World Economic Conferences here in Orlando because there were very few places we could have even had a conference. People ask me if I will support DeSantis for President. The answer is NO!. Washington will only eat him for launch and create every possible scandal they can manufacture. I think he should stay here in Florida for we will end up separating from Washington, DC.

Manchin Votes No on Build Back Better | Armstrong Economics

It was the election of Abraham Lincoln on November 1860 which was the final straw for many southerners. They believed that Lincoln’s goal was to ignore the state’s rights and attack their very way of maintaining a workforce which has become during colonial times indentured servitude. The King had turned any crime into profit selling you to the plantation owners to work off your sentence.

Franklin Rattlesnakes

With the American Revolution, the Dutch stepped up its supply of Africans who they were told were the “spoils” of war and qualified to be sold as a slave. England then began shipping its alleged criminals to Australia which became known as a “penal colony” after the American Revolution.

While the first state to actually secede from the Union was South Carolina on December 20th, 1860 with a vote that was unanimous – 169 to 0 for secession. It is noteworthy that they nearly seceded also during the debate over tariffs in the 1830s. That is when John C. Calhoun helped to solve the problem and South Carolina thus remained in the Union. The other curious footnote was that Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee did not secede until after the Battle of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. However,  West Virginia secede from Virginia which was formed on October 24, 1861, when the western portion of Virginia chose to break away from the rest of the state instead of seceding and remaining with the Union.