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COVID Testing Going Nuts

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COVID Testing

All of this controversy because Trump says testing for COVID should slow down and Fauci says no way. I have stated I made the mistake of going to an ER and all they want to do is find you have COVID. I was sent to a COVID isolation unit for 2 days and then to get out you must have TWO COVID tests come back as NEGATIVE because they do not trust their own tests. I have now found that getting simply routine blood work they include COVID. I have now been tested for COVID 5 times in a month and they all are NEGATIVE.

The press wants to bash Trump as if he is endangering society daring to say COVID testing should be slowed. I have given up going to any medical services period! Every time you walk in you need a mask, you tell them you have been tested 5 times for COVID and they reply: Ya, but when was your last?

I just give up. You can’t get regular medical attention anymore. This COVID scare has destroyed medical care. You walk in and they have to take your temperature and God help you if you have the flu or are sick for any other reason – off to COVID isolation you go.

So where do I fit into these statistics? Am I now a five-time recovered COVID patient because they stuck me in a COVID Isolation unit for two days?