Covid Rising Concerns for 2022

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COMMENT: Dear Marty,

The fact that Socrates identified 2022, not 2020-2021, as a possible pandemic period has me very concerned,  These new C-19 mutations along with reports of decreased natural immunity among the vaccinated vs non-vaccinated could be the currently unknown ingredients for the perfect healthcare disaster.  Considering Socrates has never been wrong and seemingly unrelated/unanticipated events are often the spark for a projection to unfold, I’m watching health-related news very closely as we head into the new year.  The new strains being identified could potentially put us into a tailspin.


REPLY: I find this very sinister that Biden banned travel from Africa and then Fauci told him to reverse it. This is inconsistent with what Fauci has done all along. Fauci even had the audacity to say he was not concerned with the liberty guaranteed by the Constitution, but health. Here it is exactly the opposite. Free travel (liberty) and no concern about this new strain of COVID. This is very strange. The guy is buddies with Gates who says they talk frequently, and he appears in videos for Schwab saying the #1 concern is equality supporting Marxism.

My greatest concern is that the vaccines appear to be lowering the immunity of people overall and there is a rise in hospitalization among the vaccinated. We will be posting the individual reports this weekend from the WEC given the rise in concerns.